Previous Teaching

I have lectured/co-lectured the following courses:
  • CS3012 - Software Engineering in the School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin (Academic years: 2013 - 2015).
  • COMP41190 - Natural Computing and Applications in the School of Computer Science at University College Dublin (Academic Year: 2010).
  • COMP30290 - Natural Computing in the School of Computer Science at University College Dublin (Academic Year: 2009).
  • CC484 - Constraint Satisfaction in the School of Computer Science and Engineering at University of Essex (Academic Year: 2006).

Supervision of PhD, MSc (Research and Taught) Students

During his research career, Dr. Galvan has co-supervised and graduated more than 4 postgraduate students. All his graduated postgraduate students published scientific papers in top-tier journals as well as in world-leading top-A-rank international conferences under his supervision.

Current PhD Supervision

  1. 2019 - 2023. Fred Valdez Ameneyro. PhD Topic "Semantics in Multi-objective Genetic Programming"
  2. 2020 - 2024. Fergal Stapleton. PhD Topic "Evolutionary Multi-objective in Neuroeovolution in Deep Neural Networks"
  3. 2020 - 2024. Pramit Dutta. (Co-supervised with Prof. J. McDonald). PhD Topic "Exploring machine learning paradigms for enhanced collaborative robotics"
  4. 2010 - 2025. Harish Harish. (Co-supervised with Dr. P. Mooney). PhD Topic "Neuroevolution in Deep Learning: Selected Problems"

Ongoing Taught Master Students

  1. Gavin Simpson. 2021 30-ECTS Dissertation "Monte Carlo Tree Search in Games and Beyond"

Graduated Research Master Students

  1. Luis Munoz Delgado (Co-supervised with Dr. L. Trujillo). 2014 MSc by Research. (In Spanish) "Progressive evolution of complexity in genetic programming and its effects on the bloat phenomenon"

Graduated Taught Master Students

  1. Fergal Stapleton. 2020 30-ECTS Dissertation. "Improving Semantic Diversity in Multi-Objective Genetic Programming"
    • Correspoding peer-reviewed paper: Listed in Number 2 (above)
  2. Oxaka Gorshkova. 2020 20-ECTS Dissertation. "General Video Game Playing by means of Evolution-based Rolling Horizon Algorithm".
  3. Tom Curran. 2014 30-ECTS Dissertation. "Optimising Charging of Electric Vehicles through the use of Genetic Algorithms"
  4. Ruohua Li. 2013 30-ECTS Dissertation. "Upper Confidence Bounds for Trees on Demand-Side Management: Charging Electric Vehicles"
    • Corresponding peer-reviewed paper: E. Galvan-Lopez, R. Li, C. Patsakis, S. Clarke and V. Cahill. Heuristic-Based Multi-Agent Monte Carlo Tree Search. The Fifth International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems and Applications, Chania, Crete, Greece, July 7 - 9, 2014. IEEE Press.