VGI HATcH - Using Volunteered Geographic Information for Help and Assistance in Transport and Humanitarian operations

Monday 17th June 2019, Limassol, Cyprus at AGILE 2019

VGI-HATcH Workshop Introduction

The number of Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) and social media platforms is continuously growing, providing massive datasets of georeferenced content that are either actively contributed (e.g. adding data to OSM, Flickr) or collected through more passive modes (e.g. enabling geolocation in Twitter feeds). VGI and social media data, due to their excessive spatial and temporal coverage provide the data basis to analyze, detect, and help with the management of a multitude of challenging large-scale events, reaching from natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods or wildfires, over political crises, wars, and refugee streams, to health related events such as oil spills, air quality problems, or traffic congestion. With the steady increase of shared data platforms and data sharing activities over the past decade it is important to understand the latest trends and developments of how VGI, social media, and other novel data sources can assist with detection, analysis, and managements of such events, and in general help to improve quality of life including health or a shift towards greener transportation.

This full-day workshop provides an opportunity for interested researchers and practitioners to share ideas and findings on innovative methods for the spatio-temporal analysis of crowd-sourced data, to demonstrate real-world applications using data from different crowd-sourcing platforms, and to discuss technical questions and innovations on data access and data fusion. The first portion of the workshop consists of short paper presentations under the general workshop theme. The second portion focuses on showcasing practical applications of VGI and social media. This includes but is not limited to: demonstrations of successful examples of using VGI/social media for humanitarian operations; use of VGI/social media for decision support in government on health societal or transport issues; use of VGI/social media or Open Data for improvement of base maps; short tutorials or demonstration of VGI/social media data analysis methods and data extraction from various online resources. Accepted papers and abstracts will be uploaded to the workshop Website. The workshop editors plan to host a special issue in the ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information journal as a follow up to the workshop. Workshop presenters will be invited to submit full papers.

VGI HATcH Workshop Topics

The principal topics for consideration in the workshop are outlined as follows:

VGI-HATcH: Call for Contributions

This workshop welcomes two types of contributions:
1) Short paper: Submission format is a workshop short paper (2000 to 3000-word manuscript). Authors are requested to follow the formatting guidelines for short paper submissions on the AGILE 2019 call for papers page and use the Word .doc template or the Word .docx template.
(2) Abstracts for demonstration/short tutorial: Provide an abstract (up to 250 words) describing the proposed VGI/social media application showcase, or software/analysis/programming demo or tutorial.

Short papers and abstracts should be submitted directly via e-mail to Dr. Levente Juhász at ljuhasz AT fiu DOT edu.

VGI-HATcH Important Dates

VGI-HATcH Workshop Organisers

The VGI-HATcH 2019 workshop will be organised and co-chaired by:

Any of the organisers will be happy to answer any queries or questions you have regarding the workshop.

VGI-HATcH Registration

Registration for the VGI-HATcH workshop will be handled directly with your registration for the AGILE 2019 conference. There will be a fee to attend the workshop, which can be found on the conference Web site.

VGI-HATcH - Part of an ongoing AGILE pre-conference workshop series

We are proud to organise VGI-HATcH as another AGILE pre-conference workshop which is part of series of successful previous workshops. Indeed we as workshop organisers have been working together in this general research areas for several years now.
VGI-HATcH follows on from the very successful
VGI-Alive 2018 workshop which was held at Lund, Sweden in June 2018. The VGI-Analytics 2017 workshop was held in Wageningen University, The Netherlands in May 2017. VGI-Analytics followed on directly from a very successful pre-AGILE conference workshop in Helsinki in June 2016 called LinkVGI 2016: LINKing and analyzing Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) across different platforms. LinkVGI is also published as a data descriptor from the hands-on session. In 2015 the RICH-VGI workshop (enRICHment of volunteered geographic information (VGI): Techniques, practices and current state of knowledge) was organised before AGILE 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal. An earlier pre-AGILE conference workshop ACTIVITY (Action and Interaction in Volunteered Geographic Information) was held in Leuven in May 2013 before AGILE 2013. A journal paper was produced after this workshop on the key outcomes of the workshop.