Dr. Peter Mooney

Lecturer in Compter Science

Contact me

Office 1.36
Geotechnologies Research,
Department of Computer Science,
Eolas Building,
North Campus,
Maynooth University,
Maynooth, Co. Kildare
Eircode: W23 F2H6
Ph: +353 (1) 708 3849
Email: peter [DOT] Mooney [AT] mu [DOT] ie

About Me

I am a very ambitious and highly motivated teacher and researcher who has an excellent record of scholarly work and publication of international quality. In my career I have developed extensive experience of collaboration with national and international scientific networks, institutions and bodies. I have already become a significant contributor in my field of research and expertise and subsquently have built significant research capacity and integration into scientific networks. I am a passionate user and advocate for Open Source Software and Open Data.

I am author or co-author of almost 40 international peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal publications. In addition to these publications have over 60 other publications mainly comprised of peer-reviewed international conferences. According to Google Scholar I have over 2290 citations to my work. My h-factor is currently 26 as calculated by Google Scholar and I expect this to continue to increase steadily. I have presented at over 70 international workshops/conferences and participated in over 90 such events including working as programme and scientific committee member and session chair.

I have over 16 years experience in the areas of: Geographic Information Science, Internet Technologies, Databases (including Spatial Databases), and Software Development. I have secured over €1,000,000 in research funding in my career to date.

My major research interests are:

  • Smart Farming in Ireland - how can data analytics, spatial analysis and Internet-of-Things make Smart Farming a reality in Ireland
  • Volunteered Geographic Information and Citizen Science
  • Crowdsourcing Geographic Information
  • OpenStreetMap - research on OpenStreetMap data, community, software
  • The quality and use of Volunteered Geographic Information by govenments and authoritative agencies
  • Geocomputation: spatial data mining, machine learning with geographical applications and relevance
  • Smart Farming and the use of spatial data and technologies in Smart Farming
  • The Geo and Social Web
  • Location-based Services
  • Spatial Databases and management of spatial data
  • ICT for environmental sustainability and protection
  • Open Source Software and Open Data
  • Public Good Provision and online communities

Correct as of July 2019

Recent Work and Activities

  • LESSON 2019: Legal Ethical factorS crowdSourced geOgraphic iNformation (Co-Chair) 1st International Workshop on Legal and Ethical Issues in Crowdsourced Geographic Information. Zurich, Switzerland, October 2019
  • Co-Organiser Academic Track SOTM 2019: Academic (all-day) Track at the Global State of the Map conference (on OpenStreetMap). Heidleberg, Germany, September 2019 [website]
  • Citizen Science Training School: Quality Control of OpenStreetMap Data Lecturer and Trainer. Location: Coimbra, Portugal, June 2019. [website] Materials: Testing OSM Tools for Data Collection Lecture 1 Day 1 Slides; An Introduction to JOSM Lecture 2 Day 2 Slides
  • Co-Organiser:GeoCultGIS 2019 Geographical and Cultural Aspects of Geo-information: Issues and Solutions Workshop at AGILE 2019 [website]
  • Co-Organiser: VGI HATcH 2019 Using Volunteered Geographic Information for Help and Assistance in Transport and Humanitarian operations Workshop at AGILE 2019 [website]
  • Co-Chair and Organiser: 1st National Workshop on Smart Farming and Data Analytics in Ireland (SFDAI) 2019 in Maynooth University, June 12th 2019.
  • OSGeoIE 2019: Co-Chair and Organiser: 3rd Irish OSGeo Symposium 2019 [website]
  • Invited Blog Post: National Rural Network for Ireland (NRN) How do we Transition to Smart Farming in Ireland? Blog Post, Tweet
  • Invited Seminar Lecture What are the problems in Crowdsourced Geographic Information? The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), University College London, March 6th 2019.
  • AGILE 2018 Conference Paper Davidovic, Mooney and Stoimenov Analysis of the introduction of a review request mechanism in OSM Proceedings of the 21st Association of Geographic Information Laboratories in Europe (AGILE) Conference, Lund University, Sweden, June 2018. [View Paper]
  • AGILE 2018 Conference Paper Gardner and Mooney Investigating gender differences in OpenStreetMap activities in Malawi:a small case-study Proceedings of the 21st Association of Geographic Information Laboratories in Europe (AGILE) Conference, Lund University, Sweden, June 2018. [View Paper]
  • Co-Chair and Organiser: VGI-Alive 2018 Workshop at AGILE 2018 [website]
  • Co-Chair and Organiser: 2nd Irish OSGeo Symposium 2018 [website]
  • Contributing Co-author: Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) 2018. Identifying success factors in crowdsourced geographic information use in government. Washington, DC: May, 2018 [Full Report,Policy Brief]
  • GISRUK 2018 Conference Paper Gardner, Mooney, Dowthwaite, and Foody Gender differences in OpenStreetMap contributor activity, editing and tagging behaviour Proceedings of the 26th GIScience Research UK Conference, University of Leicester, England, April 2018. [View Paper]
  • Member of Royal Irish Academy Geosciences and Geographical Sciences Committee (from September 2018 onwards) [website]
  • Irish Research Council #loveirishresearch Invited Article: "Smart farming — the future of agriculture" View Post
  • Member of the OSGeo Marketing Committee The Marketing committee is the official committee of OSGeo supporting user outreach. The committee offers events, projects, and local chapters assistance in user outreach.
  • Organiser and co-chair of the first ever Academic/Research Trackat the Global OpenStreetMap annual conference SOTM 2018, in Milan, Italy in July 2018. See track S.1.3 on the SOTM 2018 website for details.
  • A recent, short, interview on Sveriges Radio AB (Sweden's national publicly funded radio broadcaster) at the AGILE 2018 conference about Big Data and Smarter Maps. This is a segment from a longer interview.
  • RTÉ Brainstorm: Opinion piece article: "How useful is the content we create online?" (Twitter link) (RTÉ Online link)

Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

This is a list of peer-reviewed journal publications of which I am an author. In most cases for the papers below I have included a link to a pre-print or non-formatted print in PDF format which allows most people to access the almost final version of the paper without pay-wall journal access. In all cases please cite the journal paper details correctly and not this website.

  1. Gardner, Z., Mooney, P., De Sabbata, S. et al. Quantifying gendered participation in OpenStreetMap: responding to theories of female (under) representation in crowdsourced mapping GeoJournal, pages 1 - 18 (2019). DOI: Online (open access)
  2. Anahid Basiri, Muki Haklay, Giles Foody & Peter Mooney (May 2019) Crowdsourced geospatial data quality: challenges and future directions, International Journal of Geographical Information Science, DOI: Online (open access)
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  4. Mooney, Peter. ; Minghini, M.; Laakso, M.; Antoniou, V.; Olteanu-Raimond, A.-M.; Skopeliti, A. "Towards a Protocol for the Collection of VGI Vector Data". ISPRS International Journal of Geographic Information 2016 5, 217.(Open Access)
  5. Nikola Davidovic and Peter Mooney and Leonid Stemov and Marco Minghini “Tagging in Volunteered Geographic Information: An Analysis of Tagging Practices for Cities and Urban Regions in OpenStreetMap ” . ISPRS International Journal of Geographic Information 2016, 5, 232. Open Access - PDF Available
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Guest Editorship on Peer Reivewed Journals

Memberships of Scientific Networks

  • I am European Co-chair of ICA-OSGeo Labs (International Cartographic Association and Open Source Geospatial Consortium) “GeoForAll” initiative http://www.geoforall.org/
  • I am a Management Committee Member and Working Group Chair of the EU COST Action CA15212 “Citizen Science to promote creativity, scientific literacy, and innovation throughout Europe”. http://www.cost.eu/COST_Actions/ca/CA15212 [Began September 2016]
  • I was a Management Committee Member and Working Group Co-Chair of the EU COST Action TD1202 “Mapping and the Citizen Sensor”.
  • I was a member of EU COST Action IC1203 “European Network Exploring Research into Geospatial Information Crowdsourcing”.
  • I represent Ireland at European Commission meetings on Air Quality Directive and INSPIRE meetings.
  • I am a member of the Irish National Open Access Committee.
  • I am a member of the International Cartographic Association Commission on Open Source Geospatial Technologies.
  • I am the National Academic Delegate for Ireland to EuroSDR (not-for-profit organisation linking National Mapping Agencies with Research Institutes and Universities in Europe)
  • I am an ICT advisor to Ireland's National Air Quality and Health Steering Group run by EPA.

Outside Academia and Professional Activities

While I am not thinking about spatial data, algorithms, open access to data, or web mapping you will most likely find me: running(marathons), taking photographs (see my Flickr profile) and enjoying the beauty of the midlands of Ireland (1) (2), (3) . Running is a particular passion of mine and in the past few years I have set reasonably fast personal bests of 2h:28m for the marathon, 1h:12m for the half marathon, 3h:16m for 50 Kilometers, and 15m:37s for 5KM. To March 2019 I have completed 91 marathons - which includes over 68 sub 3 hour marathons, 48 sub 2:50 marathons and 24 sub 2:40 marathons.