CS613 Object-Oriented Programming and C++


The course, in the academic year 2002/2003, will run over a period of two weeks.

Example questions from previous years can be found here:
Exam613-Dec00.doc (2000/2001), Exam613-May00.doc (1999/2000).

The module is evaluated as follows:


Module Structure

This module is a pre-requisite for all others



Lecture Slides (powerpoint)

  • Introduction
  • C++ Basics
  • Classes
  • Object lifetimes
  • Inheritance
  • Associations
  • Implementing Aggregations
  • Operator Overloading
  • The Standard Template Library


    Project (worth 25%)

  • Project Outline


    Practicals (lab. sessions) and Case Studies

    This material will be handed out as part of lectures.


    Recommended reading


    These books have been ordered and will be available in the campus bookshop at NUI Maynooth.

    Some Useful Web Sites