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Modular AI Verification and Visualisation (MAIVV)

Modular AI Verification and Visualisation (MAIVV) is led by Professor Rosemary Monahan and Professor Barak A. Pearlmutter in the Dept. of Computer Science and Hamilton Institute at Maynooth University . The project is funded from December 2021 until November 2025, hiring two three-year postdoctoral researchers and one PhD student over the four years.

Our overall goal is to provide scalable techniques for software development that guarantee software dependability, even when deep learning techniques are employed by developers. The output of this work will be a methodology which allows us to verify properties of hybrid systems with mixed discrete and continuous dynamics, and associated software tooling to integrate this with existing verification frameworks. A case study will demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach.

We have recenty hired three researchers to work on this project. Information on positions on this project follow at the links below.