Adam Winstanley


Adam Christopher Winstanley

Head of Computer Science, NUI Maynooth

Senior Research Associate, National Centre for Geocomputation, NUI Maynooth

Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, NUI Maynooth; 017083853



Senior Research Associate of National Centre for Geocomputation.


Leader of the Geocomputation Research Group in the Department of Computer Science. (Currently 5 postdoctoral researchers plus 2 PhD students)


Research Grants :

Strategic Research Cluster for Advanced Geotechnologies (Martin Charlton, AC Winstanley, plus others), Science Foundation Ireland Strategic Research Cluster Scheme [07/SRC/I1168], €7,020,000 (2007-13)

INTEL-CERN European Doctorate Industrial Program (ICE-DIP) (CERN, Intel Labs, NUIM (4 people), DCU) EU FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Networks [EID 316596] €1.25M (2013-17).

Geoinformatic Services for Improved Access to Environmental Data and Information (Adam Winstanley and Peter Mooney), Environmental Protection Agency, STRIVE Programme [2008-FS-DM-14-S4], €735,488 (2008-14)

ODIKYO – Real-time runner tracking (Adam Winstanley and Ricky Jacob), Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Case Feasibility Support Fund [CF 2012 2751Y], €14,960 (2012-13).

GI-N2K - Geographic Information: Towards a more demand-driven geospatial workforce education/training system (Leuven, Adam Winstanley, Peter Mooney) EU LLP Call EAC/S07/12

Climate Change IT Systems Development (Adam Winstanley and Peter Mooney), Post-doctoral Fellowship, Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental Research Development and Innovation Programme [2002-CC-FS4-M4ext], €169,499.95 (2004-7)

Climate Change Data Management, Integration and Archive (Adam Winstanley and Peter Mooney), Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Research Development and Innovation Programme [2002-CC-FS4-M4], €78,750 (2002-4)

Software Support for the Automatic Structuring of Graphical Data, (Adam Winstanley) Enterprise Ireland Strategic Research Grants Scheme [ST/1998/021], IR£37,000 (1998-2000)

Statistical Language Modelling for Graphical Object Recognition (Laura Keyes and Adam Winstanley), HEA Technological Sector Research: Strand I Post-Graduate R&D Skills Programme, €34,000 (2004-6)

Centre for Geocomputation (Stewart Fotheringham, Rob Kitchin, Adam Winstanley), Science Foundation Ireland Research Professorships Scheme, €2,500,000 (2004-9)

Texture Based Classification of Objects using Computer Vision (Adam Winstanley (supervisor) and Padraig Corcoran (student)) Government of Ireland Research Scholarships in Science, Engineering and Technology, Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology, €57,150 (2004-7)

Spatial Video Data Analysis and Access over restricted Networks (Paul Lewis (student), Adam Winstanley and Stewart Fotheringham (supervisors)) Government of Ireland Research Scholarships in Science, Engineering And Technology, Irish Research Council For Science, Engineering And Technology, €57,150 (2005-9)

Graphics Recognition using Structural Descriptors (with Stewart Fotheringham and Fudan University, Shanghai), Science Foundation Ireland China / Ireland Science and Technology Collaboration Research Fund, € 26,500

Software using Formal Techniques for Transport Control and Monitoring Systems (Adam Winstanley), FP7 Proposal Preparation Support for Co-ordinators, Enterprise Ireland, €11,400 (2009)

Automatic recognition and labelling of features on technical drawings (Adam Winstanley with Entropic Ltd, Maynooth), Enterprise Ireland Innovations Partnership Feasibility Study IP/2002/064, €9,000 (2002)

Texture-based object recognition in air photographs (Adam Winstanley), NUI Maynooth Research Enhancement Fund, €8,900 (2003-4)

Geographic Information Science Research Conference (Adam Winstanley), Science Foundation Ireland Conferences and Workshops Scheme, €7,500 (2006-7)

China-Ireland ICT Research Conference (Adam Winstanley), Science Foundation Ireland Conferences and Workshops Scheme, €5,000 (2008-9)

Formal Analysis of programmable logic for reverse engineering and verification of safety critical behaviour in control systems (Adam Winstanley, Rosemary Monahan with Université Henri Poincaré, Nancy), CNRS-Enterprise Ireland Ulysses Visites de Recherche Scheme, €4,880 (2008)

Multiple Mode and Objective Travel Planning Algorithms (Adam Winstanley with Department of Civil Engineering, Southampton University and Mott McDonald Transport Consultancy, Chichester), Enterprise Ireland/British Council Research Visits Scheme BC/2002/016, €4,000 (2002)

Topographic Object Recognition (D. O’Donoghue, Adam Winstanley and Ordnance Survey), Enterprise Ireland/British Council Research Visits Scheme BC/2002/015, €2,500 (2002)

Multimodal Traveller Information Systems technical exchange network (Adam Winstanley with Setec-ITS, Paris), CNRS-Enterprise Ireland Ulysses Visites de Recherche Scheme FR/2002/023, €2,400 (2002)

Parallelisation of algorithms for analysing graphical data, (Adam Winstanley with Clemson University) Enterprise Ireland International Collaboration Programme IC/2000/082, IR£1,300 (2000-1)

QualityGIS - Semantic investigations in Space-Time Quality-aware Knowledge Systems for better Decision Making, (Adam Winstanley) Enterprise Ireland 6th Framework Programme Travel Scheme, €1,000, April 2003.


Research Supervision (completed)

PhD: Ricky Jacob, "Mobile Multimedia Ubiquitous Navigation Systems," February 2013

PhD: Fangli Ying, "Algorithms Management of Spatial Data for Visualisation on Mobile Devices," February 2013

PhD: Bashir Shalaik, "Software Tools for Public Transport Tracking and Analysis”, December 2012

PhD: Paul Lewis, “Data Structures and Algorithms for Spatial Video”, September 2009

PhD: Padraig Corcoran, “Using Texture for Object-based Image Analysis”, January 2008

PhD: Peter Mooney, "Multi-criteria path optimisation on graphs," July 2004

MSc: Leo Mulhare, "Context-Based Classification of Objects in Topographic Data," December 2007

MSc: Bashir Salaik, "Statistical language models for topographic data recognition," September 2004

MSc: Richard Davies, "A meta-tool for Visual Language Development," awarded October 1997

MCompSci: 5 students successfully completed 1995-2000.

One of my postgraduate students, Laura Keyes, won the 2002 young researcher award presented by the Association for Geographic Information in London in November 2002.


Postdoctoral research supervision/mentoring

Peter Mooney (2004 - ) EPA funded projects

Pouria Amirian (2012- ) SFI StratAG funding

Anahid Basiri (2012 - ) SFI StratAG funding

Ricky Jacob (2103 - ) SFI StratAG and EI funding

Bashir Shalaik (2103 - ) EI funding

Fangli Ying (2013) EI funding

Padraig Corcoran (2008-11) SFI StratAG funding

Jianghua Zheng (2007-10) SFI StratAG funding





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