Yalemisew Mintsnote Abgaz

Self can make a change and it starts from self

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Yalemisew Abgaz is a postdoctoral researcher at the Adapt Centre in Dublin City University. He is working on the ExploreAt! Project.

Before re-joining Adapt Centre (2017), he was a postdoctoral researcher working in the Dr Inventor project (2014-2017) at Maynooth University, Ireland. He developed the core analogical mapping and inference component of the Dr Inventor System.

He was a lecturer of information systems and a coordinator of Health Information System Project at Addis Ababa University (2005-2008).

Yalemisew earned his PhD in computer science, from School of Computing at Dublin City University (2013) focusing on ontology evolution and analysis of impacts of ontology evolution.

He is mainly interested in topics including linguistic linked open data, semantic web, ontology evolution, computational creativity, analogical reasoning and natural language processing.

PhD in 2013 from School of Computing at Dublin City University. Studied ontologies, ontology-based content management, change impact analysis, change patterns, semantic web technologies etc., under the supervision of Dr. Claus Pahl in the Centre for Next Generation Localization (CNGL),Digital content Management (DCM) group.

Masters of Science in Information Science (MSISc) from Addis Ababa University, School of Informatics. Research work focusing on document clustering, information retrieval and natural language processing for Amharic.

Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLISc) from Addis Ababa University, Department of Library and Information Science.

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