NUIMCrest CS211 - Algorithms and Data Structures II
Department of Computer Science
National University of Ireland, Maynooth

This is the CS211 homepage

  • CS211 course outline 1999-2000
  • Lecturer: Tom Naughton
  • Students: 2nd yr BSc, HDipIT, 1st yr MCompSci
  • Tutors: Stephanie Dunne, George Mitchell, Simon McLoughlin, Dan Costelloe

  • Lab exams and lab assignments
  • Tutorials
  • Student grades (internal access only)

  • Lectures
             Time: Thursdays 16-18
             Location: Arts Block, Theatre 1
  • Laboratory Sessions
             Mondays 16-18 Lab1, Tuesdays 09-11 Lab 4, Tuesdays 11-13 Lab1, Tuesdays 16-18 Lab2
             Laboratory demonstrators for the course.
  • Consultation Hours
             Times: Wednesdays 11-12, Fridays 15-16
             Location: Callan Building, Room 1.42A.4 (off Research Lab 1)

  • Information for CS211 students (handed out at first lecture)
  • Core course syllabus (as per Dept. guidelines)

    Course Outline 1999-2000

    Core Course Syllabus (as per Dept. guidelines)

    Laboratory demonstrators for CS211 1999-2000

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