Dr. Susan Bergin has been an active member of the CS Education community since 2002 (see related research group) and is involved in several significant pedagogical studies. She received a National Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2009 from then President Mary McAleese, in recognition of her committment to integrating reserach into her teaching practice.

Her PhD (2006) involved the development of a computational model, using machine learning techniques, to predict programming performance. This involved a multi-variate, multi-institutional study over three academic years and using the data the model was able to predict with 85% accuracy how students were likely to perform after only two weeks on an introductory module.

Since then she has been completed numerous studies in CS pedagogical areas, including a three year action research project on innovative assessment and collaborative learning. She is involved in many initatives to build student confidence and self-esteem ( e.g. through peer review, peer tutoring, and collaborative learning); to inspire interest and enthusiasm (e.g. through Problem Based Learning, innovative learning tools and real-world software projects) and promote personal development (e.g. through collaborative projects and community interaction).

I am a member of the steering committe for International Converence on Engaging Pedagogy and have held the position of programme co-chair from 2011 - 2014

I am a reviewer for several ACM and IEEE Journals and conferences, including:

Reseach related keywords: computer science education, text mining, machine learning, statistical analysis and software development.