Research Supervision

Supervisor of MSc Theses and fourth year B Sc projects such as:


Verifying Estelle Simulations of E-voting Cryptographic Protocols, Zou Weili, MSc in Computer Science, 2009, Collaborating with TELECOM & Management SudParis


Developing aSort Allocation Tool based on an Optimisation Model, Edward Whelehan, MSc in Computer Science, 2009, Collaborating with Intel Ireland


Safety Critical Transport Software, Hugh Maher, B Sc (Computer Science and Software Engineering) 2009, Collaborating with LORIA and TramPower UK


Gareth CarterísMSc on Support tools for Object Oriented Software Development and project details are available at . Examples include Perfect Developer and ESC Java.

A sample of other MSc theses and 4th year projects that I have supervised is available here.