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Department of Computer Science,
National University of Ireland, Maynooth,

Dr Ronan Reilly

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BSc, PhD

Head of Department

Tel: (353 1) 708 3847
Fax: (353 1) 708 3848
Email: ronan.reilly@may.ie

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Research Interests

Artificial Intelligence;Cognitive Science;Natural Language ; Neural Computation,

Research Group

Computational Cognitive Modelling Research Group

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Selected Publications

Reilly, R.G. (In Press). The relationship between object manipulation and language development in Broca's area: A connectionist simulation of Greenfield's hypothesis. Behavioral and Brain Sciences.

Reilly, R.G. (2001).  Collaborative cell assemblies:  Towards a cortical computational building block.  In Proceedings of EmerNet: Third International Workshop on Current Computational Architectures Integrating Neural Networks and Neuroscience.  University of Durham, August.

Reilly, R.G. (2000).  Evolution of symbolization: Signposts to a bridge between connectionist and symbolic systems.  In S. Wermter & R. Sun (Eds.), Hybrid neural systems.  Berlin, Germany: Springer.

Reilly, R.G. (1999). A case study of transient dyslexia. Brain and Langauge, 70, 336-346.

Reilly, R.G., & O’Regan, J.K, (University of Paris V), "Eye movement control during reading: A simulation of some word-targetting strategies", Vision Research, 38, 1998, pp. 303-317.

Reilly, R.G., Kechadi, M-T, Kuznetsov, Y., Timoshenko, E., Dawson, K. 1998. Using recurrent neural networks to predict aspects of 3-D structure of folded copolymer sequences, Il Nuovo Cimento, 20D, 2565-2573.


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