Love Data Week 2020 - Maynooth University

OpenStreetMap – the ultimate open and global geographic database

Peter Mooney, Dept of Computer Science

The SLIDES are available in Open Document Presentation Format or PDF

List of Links from Presentation

  1. The OpenStreetMap Homepage OSM Homepage
  2. OpenStreetMap OSM "Then (2007) and Now" - view OSM maps from 2007 and today - please have patience with this application. Allow some time to load. OSM Then and Now
  3. Leaflet Layer Provider - Example - Leaflet OSM Layers
  4. Stamen Maps Stamen Maps of OSM
  5. What is OSM like compared to other providers of online digital maps? OSM Compare
  6. Watch LIVE EDITS to OpenStreetMap in Real Time OSM Edit Viewer - Real Time
  7. Environmental Protection Agency - Air Quality Index for Health EPA AQIH
  8. Environmental Protection Agency GIS Maps
  9. Cork City Cycle Map (as PDF) Cork Cycle Map
  10. European Air Quality Index Map from the European Environment Agency (EEA) European AQ Index
  11. Federal Bureau of Investigation - Field Offices Map FBI Field Offices Map
  12. Maynooth University, Maynooth, Ireland - OSM Maynooth University on OSM Standard
  13. Penn Station, New York City, USA - OSM Penn Station, NYC on OSM Standard
  14. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - OSM Dar es Salaam on OSM Standard
  15. Inis Oirr, Aran Islands, Ireland - OSM Inis Oirr on OSM Standard
  16. Bird Island Observatory, South Georgia, Antartica, OSM Bird Island, South Georgia on OSM Standard
  17. Wuhan City, OSM Wuhan City on OSM Standard
  18. TagInfo - number and distribution of Parking Objects in OSM Parking objects in OSM
  19. Routing With OSM - OpenRouteService OpenRouteService
  20. Overpass Turbo - download OSM data Overpass Turbo
  21. - counties, townlands etc in OSM for Ireland Townlands
  22. GeoFabrik - download OSM data in ESRI Shapefile (very frequently updated - hourly in some cases) GeoFabrik OSM downloads
  23. OpenStreetMap Ireland - CONTACT INFORMATION and Social Media OSM IE contact information
  24. The Year of Edits to OSM in 2018 for Ireland OSM IE 2018 Edits Video
  25. OSM Wiki - The Beginners' Guide OSM beginners guide