Mr. Keith Ó Dúlaigh

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Computer Science

Ph.D. Candidate with the Principles of Programming Group.

Research Lab 1
(01) 708 3929
keithod AT cs DOT nuim DOT ie


The working title of Keith's project is the "Consistency of Software Artifacts in a Model Oriented Environment". The deliverable will be a semantic framework built on Burstall and Goguen's theory of institutions to show the effects that transforming models has on software artifacts --- in particular software metrics. Upon completion, such a framework could be used to determine what transformations can be applied to software representations without compromising the quality of a system's design. The framework will be delivered as a set of programs written in the logical rewriting language Maude.


Keith's project is being carried out with funding provided by Science Foundation Ireland under grant number 11/RFP.1/CMS/3068.


  • Ph.D. Computer Science (NUI Maynooth)
  • M.Sc. Computer Science (NUI Maynooth)
  • B.Sc. Computer Science and Software Engineering (NUI Maynooth)



  • Keith Ó Dúlaigh, Rosemary Monahan, and James F. Power. Some Early Ideas on Institutions for Software Metrics. In Conference on Algebra and Coalgebra in Computer Science: Early Ideas Workshop, Warsaw, Poland, September 3 2013.
  • Keith Ó Dúlaigh, James F. Power, and Peter J. Clarke. Measurement of Exception-Handling Code: An Exploratory Study. In 5th International Workshop on Exception Handling, Zurich, Switzerland, June 9 2012.


September - December 2013
  • CS130 Introduction to Database Systems
February - May 2013
  • CS230 Web Information Processing
  • CS142K Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (via Blackboard A/V Conferencing)
September - December 2012
  • CS130 Introduction to Database Systems
February - May 2012
  • CS141 Introduction to Programming
  • CS335 Software Engineering and Software Process