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Seminar Series

2015 Schedule

Most seminars take place in lab 1.39B on Fridays from 11.00-12.00.
  • Friday 27 March:
    Philippe Moser: Post's program: gavage of sets yields pâté but no foie gras

  • Thursday 02 April in CSSR: NB: day and venue difference
    Phil Maguire: A clarification of Turing's test

  • Friday 17 April:
    Tom Dowling: Factorisation: Are computer scientists smarter than Bears?

  • Friday 24 April:
    Stephen Brown: Architecture and operation of a modern CPU

  • Tuesday 04 May at 14.00 in CSSR: NB: day/time/venue difference
    Thoa Pham: Open Data and Personalized Web Services for Visualization

  • Friday 08 May:
    James Power: 100 years of Löwenheim's relatives

Seminars from previous years

James Power,
Dept. of Computer Science, Maynooth University
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