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Seminar Series 2017


Seminars (unless noted otherwise) take place on Fridays from 11.00-12.00.
  • Friday 24 March: Venue: Room SE131 (School of Education Building)
    Philippe Moser: An introduction to Turing machines, ZFC and set theory

  • Friday 31 March: Venue: Hamilton Seminar Room
    James Power: From Euclid to Knuth-Bendix: Gröbner bases for the working computer scientist

  • Friday 07 April: Venue: Hamilton Seminar Room
    Phil Maguire: Why I don't believe in Maths

  • Thursday 13 April at 10am: (N.B. Thursday at 10) Venue: Hamilton Seminar Room
    Tom Dowling: Isomorphic Democracy

  • Friday 28 April: Venue: Room SE131 (School of Education Building)
    Charles Markham: Rubik's redux

  • Friday 5 May: Venue: Hamilton Seminar Room
    Hao Wu: Finding Achievable Features and Constraint Conflicts for Inconsistent Metamodels

  • Friday 12 May: Venue: Hamilton Seminar Room
    Rosemary Monahan: Challenges from automated reasoning and verification

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