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Seminar Series 2018


Seminars take place on Fridays from 11.00-12.00, and will alternate between the Hamilton Seminar Room (Eolas 317) or in JHL5, depending on availability.
  • Friday 06 April:
    Philippe Moser: On The elusive notion of computable function
    Venue: Hamilton Seminar Room (Eolas 317)

  • Friday 13 April:
    James Power: Turing's word problem problems: something a little wrong in the argument
    Venue: Room JHL5

  • Friday 20 April:
    Rosemary Monahan: The evolution of logics for concurrency
    Venue: Hamilton Seminar Room (Eolas 317)

  • Friday 27 April:
    Tom Dowling: Are Transforms the New Hope?
    Venue: Room JHL5

  • Friday 04 May:
    Brian Davis: Cascaded Finite State Transducers for Information Extraction from Text
    Venue: Hamilton Seminar Room (Eolas 317)

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