Fuzzy Logic Book

A while ago I was involved in writing a book on fuzzy logic - my main input to this was the design of the accompanying fuzzy logic compiler which translates a fuzzy knowledge base and rule set into C.

Here's a .zip file with the source code from the book.

Below is the blurb from the back of the book...

Using Fuzzy Logic: Towards Intelligent Systems by Jun Yan, Michael Ryan and James Power. Prentice-Hall, 1995 (ISBN: 0-13-102732-8)

Fuzzy logic technology has been successfully applied in many industrial control applications, making a number of difficult problems easier to solve. Using Fuzzy Logic provides a clear account of the principles of fuzzy logic based design, from a computer and electronics engineering perspective. Structured in a pedagogical manner, the book incorporates the latest fuzzy logic techniques, emphasizing hardware and software design for fuzzy systems and fuzzy logic development tools.

Key Features:

This book will be particularly useful for final year undergraduate, MSc. and PhD. students of artificial intelligence or control theory. It will also be of interest to researchers and professionals in the control industry.

Revised: 20 August 2002
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