SE209 The Java Virtual Machine

Lecture Slides:

  • The first set of slides covers the operation and architecture of the JVM: PDF, PS, 4-up PS, 8-up PS.
  • The second set of slides gives an overview of programming for the JVM using Oolong: PDF, PS, 4-up PS, 8-up PS.
  • The third set gives an overview of the JVM's low-level security: PDF, PS, 4-up PS, 8-up PS.

Useful Links

  • The official JVM reference is a book called The Java Virtual Machine Specification (second edition) by Tim Lindholm and Frank Yellin

Useful/Other Links

  • The Oolong assembler is borrowed from the book Programming for the Java Virtual Machine by Joshua Engel
  • For those of you with PCs at home, I've put a copy of the oolong distribution on the UNIX system as /package/jpower/se209/
  • oolong is based on an assembler called jasmin, which has its own home page and associated book
  • Another book dealing with the JVM is called Inside the Java Virtual Machine by Bill Venners; the web site for this book has quite a good bit of extra information (and the first four chapters are on-line).
  • Bill Venners also write a series of articles called Under the Hood that are well worth browsing through.
  • For those of you with access to newsgroups, the JVM is discussed at

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