Course Overview

On completion of this module, students will have obtained basic programming skills that are portable to any programming language as well as experience with problem solving.

Module Content

As part of this module we will examine some of the following topics:

  • Types and Variables
  • Assignment Operations
  • Objects, Classes and Methods
  • Method Parameters and Return Types
  • Fundamental Data Types
  • Decisions
  • Iteration
  • Arrays and Lists

Lecture Hours

Lectures Times:

  • Monday : 10am - 11am (cs1)
  • Tuesday : 12pm - 1pm (slt)

Laboratory Hours

  • Wednesday 27th September 10am - 12pm (lab 2)

Continual Assesment

Laboratory Assignments & Two Laboratory Exams account for 30% of module.



By phone:

National(01) 708 3847

International: +353-1-708 3847

By fax:(01) 708 3848

International: +353-1-708 3848

Laboratory Assignments

Recommended Texts

  • Big Java.

    Author: Cay Horstman

    Edition 2nd or 3rd

    Publisher: Wiley.

    ISBN: 0-471-69703-6
  • Developing Java Software

    Author: Russel Winder

    Edition: 3rd

    Publisher: Wiley

    ISBN: 0-470-09025-1

Lecture Slides

Sep-Dec 2006

Important Dates