Andrew Healy

Dept. of Computer Science, Maynooth University.
Principles of Programming Research Group.

self portrait
I am currently pursuing a Masters of Science by Research with the Principles of Programming group at Maynooth University.

My work, and much of the research in the PoP group, is concerned with the application of formal methods to software engineering - particulary with regard to program verification. I am currently working on profiling and benchmarking SMT solvers to help the verification community choose the best tool for the job. It is hoped that by making software verification systems more modular and extensible, their adoption and development will increase. My supervisors are Dr Rosemary Monahan and Dr James F. Power and my research is funded by Science Foundation Ireland.

I have a background in visual communication and visual arts, having discovered a passion for programming and computer science relatively recently. I have a degree in Illustration from Edinburgh College of Art and a Masters in Media Art from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. Prior to completing a HDip in Information Technology, I worked as a freelance designer and digital artist.

Presentations & Workshops
Lab Demonstrating 2015/6 (Semester 2)
Tutorials 2015/6 (Semester 1)
Lab Demonstrating 2014/5 (Semester 2)