Dr. Charles

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Room 2.120 Callan Building,


+353 1 708338

Research Profile

Charles Markham is currently collaborating with the Engineering Department at NUIM to develop a brain computer interface based on optical tomography. The work involves developing accurate methods of photometry to allow blood oxygen levels to be measured and so infer brain activity. In collaboration with the Vision Groups, Institute for Technology. Blanchardstown and NUIM Dr. Markham is developing a mobile computer vision system. This project has created interest from the National Roads Authority for road infrastructure management.

The Vision Group (NUIM) is also investigating the use of sensor fusion to improve performance of pedestrian detection systems. Initial work has been carried out using a combined LIDAR and Vision System as part of the autotram project. Dr Markham has special interest in the design of novel imaging sensors. He has developed techniques for Infrared imaging using coded apertures and wide-baseline stereo imaging methods to achieve a visual radar system.