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Principles of Programming Research Group

Some of the third-party tools and environments we're working with include:

For program analysis and software language engineering

  • The Rascal Metaprogramming Language - "the one-stop shop for metaprogramming"

  • EMF for metmodelling and code generation

  • ATL for rule-based model transformation

  • ASM for low-level Java bytecode analysis and instrumentation

  • The Qualitas corpus, a curated collection of Java software systems.

For program specification and verification

  • The Why3 platform provides an program verification language and environment, along with an interface to a selection of SMT solvers.

  • The Spec# programming system - specification, reasoning and dynamic checking for the .NET platform

  • The Event B modelling language for specification and program refinement

  • Maude and Hets, for algebraic speification and modelling.

  • USE an environment for writing and checking UML/OCL

  • The Alloy model-finding tool

Recent Papers

SoSyM 2016
Formalised EMFTVM bytecode language for sound verification of model transformations

Modularising and Promoting Interoperability for Event-B Specifications using Institution Theory

SAC 2016
Evaluating the Use of a General-Purpose Benchmark Suite for Domain-Specific SMT-solving

ICMT 2015
A sound execution semantics for ATL via translation validation

C3GI 2014
Creating Formal Specifications with Analogical Reasoning

CiE 2014
An early completion algorithm: Thue's 1914 paper on the transformation of symbol sequences