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Principles of Programming Research Group

Sorted by CFP Date
ConferenceLocationDateCFP Date
MSRGothenburg, Sweden27 May - 3 June, 201810/02/18
ISSTAAmsterdam, Netherlands16.22 July, 201829/01/18
ABZSouthampton, UK5-8 June, 201822/01/18
FMOxford, UK15-17 July, 201822/01/18
ECOOPAmsterdam, Netherlands16-22 July, 201812/01/18
ICPCGothenburg, Sweden27-28 May, 201812/12/17
PLDIPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania18-22 June, 201816/11/17
SANERCampobasso, Italy20-23 Mar, 201827/10/17
ETAPSThessaloniki, Greece14-21 April, 201814/10/17
ICSTVasteras, Sweden9-13 April, 201812/10/17
VMCAILos Angeles, California7-9 Jan, 201806/10/17
SACPau, France9-13 April, 201815/09/17
ICSEGothenburg, Sweden27 May - 3 June, 201825/08/17
MODELSWARDMadeira, Portugal22-24 Jan, 201831/07/17
ManLangPrague, Czech Republic25-29 Sep, 201726/06/17
SCAMShanghai, China17-18 Sept, 201719/06/17
SLEVancouver, Canada23-24 Oct, 201709/06/17
ASEUrbana-Champaign, Illinois30 Oct-3 Nov, 201712/05/17
VSTTEHeidelberg, Germany22-23 July, 201708/05/17
ICFEMXi'an, China13-17 Nov, 201707/05/17
ISSREToulouse, France23-26 Oct, 201705/05/17
FMISan Diego, USA4-6 Aug, 201701/05/17
FroCoSBrasilia, Brazil25-29 Sept, 201728/04/17
MEDIBarcelona, Spain4-6 Oct, 201728/04/17
MODELSAustin, Texas17-22 Sept, 201721/04/17
FTfJPBarcelona, Spain18-23 July, 201720/04/17
ESEMToronto, Canada9-10 Nov, 201707/04/17
ICSMEShanghai, China17-23 Sept, 201706/04/17
iFMTurin, Italy20-22 Sept, 201728/03/17
SEFMTrento, Italy6-18 Sept, 201720/03/17
TASENice, France13-15 Sept, 201719/03/17
FSEPaderborn, Germany4-8 Sept, 201722/02/17
ICMTMarburg, Germany17-18 July, 201717/02/17
CiETurku, Finland12-16 June, 201705/01/17
NFMMoffet Field, CA16-18 May, 201728/11/16
RAMiCSENS Lyon, France15-19 May, 201725/11/16

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Recent Papers

SoSyM 2016
Formalised EMFTVM bytecode language for sound verification of model transformations

Modularising and Promoting Interoperability for Event-B Specifications using Institution Theory

SAC 2016
Evaluating the Use of a General-Purpose Benchmark Suite for Domain-Specific SMT-solving

ICMT 2015
A sound execution semantics for ATL via translation validation

C3GI 2014
Creating Formal Specifications with Analogical Reasoning

CiE 2014
An early completion algorithm: Thue's 1914 paper on the transformation of symbol sequences