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1 The dynamics of reading in non-Roman writing systems 986
2 SE Asian writing systems: a challenge to current models of visual information processing in reading 1086
3 EyeMap: a software system for visualizing and analyzing eye movement data in reading  979
4 A system for tracking braille readers using a Wii Remote and a refreshable braille display 977
5 A saccade latency based discriminability metric 1156
6 A novel method for eliminating parafoveal preview in reading 1219
7 Accuracy of lexical decision as a function of font type and word frequency. 1508
8 Factors in involved in eye guidance in reading Thai 1126
9 Reading garden path sentences in Thai 1044
10 The role of top down factors in local eye movement control during reading. 577
11 Models of oculomotor control in reading 707
12 Foundations of an interactive activation model of eye movement control in reading 1550
13 Eye movement control during reading: A simulation of some word-targetting strategies 552
14 REACT: REal-time Adaptive Collision Testing: An interactive vision approach. 568
15 A connectionist attentional shift model of eye movement control in reading. 584
16 A connectionist framework for modeling eye-movement control in reading 577