SE Asian writing systems: a challenge to current models of visual information processing in reading PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 26 March 2013 21:58

The focus of this chapter is on reading non-Roman writing systems, in particular Thai and Chinese, and on how it can enhance our understanding of the reading process in general. A specific focus is on the visual information processing aspects of reading and on the computational modelling of these processes. It will be argued that the focus of current modelling efforts on Roman-derived alphabetic writing systems has limited the generality of the resulting models. Two research issues will be addressed: (1) the effective targetting by the eye of words in an unspaced writing system and (2) the parallel processing of more than one word in a fixation. The former issue poses serious problems for all current models of eye movement control in reading, while the answer to the question posed by the latter issue can, arguably, be found by looking to data from Chinese readers. 

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