Academic Collaboration Partners

The group has a number of ongoing collaborations with both national and international partners.


Local Collaboration

Within the university the group works closely with the Departments of Media Studies and the Department of Electronic Engineering. With Media Studies we have established a ‘Digital Arts Greenhouse’ earlier this year. The mandate for this initiative was to create a space within which we could stimulate interdisciplinary research creativity among our undergraduate students. We sought and obtained funding to sponsor a number of undergraduate research projects that were held during the summer. The students found this to be a very rewarding and educational experience.

With the Department of Electronic Engineering we have been involved in hosting a Makers Club. This is a collective of staff and students that enjoy DIY hardware and software that come together once a week in the lab to work together. In July 2012  the group exhibited at the Dublin Mini-Maker’s faire that was held in the Science Gallery in Trinity College Dublin. 6500 members of the public were estimated to have visited this event. In particular, Joe Timoney exhibited his collection of hardware analog synthesizers and guitar pedalsthat he has build in the last few years.

The Maker’s club has been extended this year to welcome in Music technology and Digital Media students. We were awarded funding in an internal competition for new practices in Teaching and Learning. The name of our group of Project Intercept, i.e. Interdisciplinary New Technologies for Entrants to Reinforce Creativity, Enthusiasm, and Practical Thinking!

The funding is being used for equipment and tutoring. We'll be participating in this year's Digital Artrs Showcase that will be held at NUIM in April and  the Maker’s Faire later on in July.


National Collaboration

At a national level we have links with other research groups in Irish institutions that work in the area of audio processing. We established an annual Audio processing workshop event to bring together all the researchers from the other institutions to that everyone could keep abreast of the work of the others. This workshop was then subsumed in to the ISSTC (Irish Sound Science Technology Conference) that is being managed by the ISSTA (Irish Sound Science Technology Association), an all-Ireland network for researchers. A very strong working link exists between Dundalk Institute of Technology and NUIM and we've have interacted on a number of research papers together.


International Collaboration

The most significant international collaboration the group has is with Prof. Vesa Valimaki at the Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics at Aalto University in Finland ( We have been working together since 2009 when we first published a paper together at the IEEE ICASSP conference. Since then we have produced both journal papers and conference papers. We have also visited each others institutions to give guest lectures and have hosted research postgraduate student visits. The research focus of our collaboration has been on new techniques Sound Synthesis along with virtual analog synthesis.

Dr. Lazzarini also collaborates with universities in Norway and Brazil.

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