MSc Timetable

Academic Year: 2014-2015

Timetable for all CS6**  level modules

Workshops and Orientation:

  • CS620C - Java programming workshop
    • Sept 1 - 19th 2014 from 10 am - 5pm each Mon - Fri.
    • The aim of the workshop is to revise the Java skills of incoming students. Please contact your course coordinator by email (smsc-cd at should you wish to take part in this Java workshop. If you have previously programmed in an object-oriented programming language and wish to revise/learn Java then you should join week three of this course. If you are very comfortable with your Java Programming Skills( including use of inheritance, polymorphism, generics etc) then you do not need to attend this course.
    • Location: Callan Bulding, North Campus, Room 1.104 (Software Lab 3 on the ground floor)
  • University Orientation (see Important Dates for dates & times)
    • Induction for Postgraduate Students - Attendance at Orientation is mandatory for all new international students.
    • International Office Induction - there is an induction meeting for all International students. This is a Mandatory meeting and all International students must attend.
    • Registration for Postgraduate Students Registration takes places on Sept 24th 2014 at 9:30am in the Physics Hall, South Campus.  All continuing students should register online. See here for more details.
  • Other Important Dates
    • Note: October 10th 2014: Deadline for Change of Semester 1 Module Selections - Change of mind to be made on-line in Student Web Services
  • Departmental Orientation
    • Dates: Sept 22-26, 2014 (introduction, setting up PPS, Bank Accounts, Module choices, Visa registrations, CV preparation etc.)
    • Course orientation, Monday Sept 22nd, 11:00-13:00, Callan Room 1.39a
    • Module Selection, Tuesday Sept 23rd, 10:00 onwards (timetabled meetings in my office, room 2.111)
    • Work placement orientation, Friday Sept. 26th, 12:00, Callan Room 1.39a

Semester 1:

  • Location: North Campus, Callan Building (#22 on the map), Ground floor - Room 1.39a
  • CS603 - Rigorous Software Process
  • CS607 - Requirements Eng & System Design
  • CS608 - Software Testing
  • CS613 - Advanced Concepts in OO Programming
  • CS621B - Databases
  • CS629 - Directed Reading (DESEM only)
  • CS630 - Preparation for Work placement (MSCSE only). Note: this is required preparation for the work placement which takes place at the end of the second semester.
  • Other Dates
    • CS645 Thesis Selection: Nov 1 (DESEM only)
  • Semester 1 timetable in a spreadsheet

Semester 2 (Provisional Timetable - dates may change):

  • Location: North Campus, Callan Building (#22 on the map), Ground floor - Room 1.39a
  • Week 1 of Semester 2:
    • CS605 - The Mathematics & Theory of Computer Science (labs in weeks 2-6)
  • Weeks 2 to 12 of Semester 2:
    • CS619 - Program Comprehension
    • CS616 - Practical Cryptography
    • CS610 - Interaction Design
    • CS615 - Internet Solutions Engineering
    • CS645 - MSc Dissertation (DESEM only) - see the moodle page for CS645 for details).
  • Semester 2 timetable in a spreadsheet

Other Dates:

  • CS630 - Work placement (MSCSE only). The Work Placement starts after the summer exams, the exact date depends on the company. The length of the placement also depends on the company, but normally runs for 6 months.
  • CS640 - MSc Dissertation: July 2015-Jan 31 2016 - MSc in Computer Science (Software Engineering) only. You must select a supervisor, and submit your dissertation proposal in July (see the Moodle page for CS640 for the exact details).
  • CS650/CS655 - Sumer school Yr1/Yr2 - July 2015 (DESEM only)
  • Study Weeks: See University Calendar for details
  • Exam Period: See University Calendar for details
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