5th - 7th September, 2007, NUI Maynooth, Ireland.

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NUI Maynooth
Computer Vision and Imaging

Failte Ireland

IMVIP 2007 - Preliminary Schedule
Thursday, 6th September 2007.
9.20am - 10.40am2D/3D Scene Analysis and Visualisation
Range Image Feature Extraction with Varying Degrees of Data Irregularity
S. Suganthan, S. Coleman and B. Scotney
Segmentation of three-dimensional objects from background in digital holograms
C.P. McElhinney, J.B. McDonald, Y.Frauel, A. Castro, B. Javidi and T.J. Naughton
A Design Procedure for Gradient Operators on Hexagonal Images
B. Gardiner, S. Coleman and B.W. Scotney
A Suvey of Deformable Models for Computer-Based Modelling & Visualisation
P. Moore and D. Molloy
10.40am - 11.40amPoster Pitches I
11.00am - 11.40amPoster Session I and Coffee Break
Speckle reduction using a digital signal processing technique
J. Maycock, B. M. Hennelly, J. B. McDonald, Y. Frauel, A. Castro, B. Javidi and T. J. Naughton
Video Object Motion Segmentation for Intelligent Visual Surveillance
M. Jiang and D. Crookes
A Dynamics Estimation Filter for Pose and Motion Estimation in Orbit
D. J. McTavish, G. Okouneva and R. Schumacher
Detection of Illegal Dumping from CCTV at Recycling Centres
Naomi Harte, Andrew Rankin, Gary Baugh and Anil Kokaram
The Improvement of the Background Subtraction and Shadow Detection in Grayscale Video Sequences
Y. Gi Wu and C. Ying Tsai
Model-based Edge Tracking for Segmentation of Low Contrast Images
C. Hudy and J. Campbell
Encoding GPS NMEA data messages onto high-definition video streams
P. Lewis, A. Winstanley and T. McCarthy
11.40am - 12.40pmMedical and Biomedical Imaging I
Incorporating Feature Based Priors into the Geodesic Active Contour Model and its Application in Biomedical Imagery
H. Zhang, P.J. Morrow, S. McClean and K. Saetzler
Computerised Skin Lesion Surface Analysis for Pigment Asymmetry Quantification
K.M. Clawson, P.J. Morrow, B.W. Scotney, D.J. McKenna and O.M. Dolan
Investigation of Methodologies for the Segmentation of Squamous Epithelium from Ultra-large Cervical Histological Virtual Slides
Y. Wang, R. Turner, D. Crookes, J. Diamond and P Hamilton
2.00pm - 3.00pmInvited Speaker
Invited Speaker
Challenges for Autonomous Mobile Robots
J. Leonard
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA.
3.00pm-3.20pmCoffee Break
3.20pm - 4.20pmMedical and Biomedical Imaging II
Cell Nuclei Segmentation Combining Multiresolution analysis, Clustering Methods and Colour Spaces
G. Palacios and J.R. Beltran
Fuzzy Logic Based Segmentation of Microcalcification in Breast Using Digital Mammograms Considering Multiresolution
M. Bhattacharya and A. Das
Mobility Estimation and Analysis in Medical X-ray Images Using Corners and Faces Contours Detection
M. Benjelloun and S. Mahmoudi
4.20am - 5.00pmPoster Pitches II & Poster Session II
Adaptive Neural regularisation Assignement for Semi-blind Biomedical Image Restoration
E. Binaghi, I. Gallo, A. Guidali, M. Raspanti and G. Salvini
Eye-tracking for efficient data base labelling: Applications to automatic analysis of colonoscopy video
F. Vilariņo and G. Lacey
Classification of Human Poses using a Vision based Technique
D. Kelly, P. Olivo, C. Markham, J. McDonald, B. Caulfield and D. Fitzgerald
A New Manifold Representation for Visual Speech Recognition
D. Yu, O. Ghita, A. Sutherland and P.F. Whelan
Statistical analysis of ground truth in human labeled data
J. Zhou, F. Vilarino, G. Lacey and L. Xuchun
MPEG-2 to H.264 Transcoding for DVB-H Applications
M. Jiang and D. Crookes
5.00pm-6.00pmObject and Event Recognition
Video Semantic Content Analysis based on Ontology
L. Bai, S. Lao, G.J.F. Jones and A.F. Smeaton
Non-Linear Approaches for the Classification of Facial Expressions at Varying Degrees of Intensity
J. Reilly, J. Ghent and J. McDonald
An Unsupervised Approach for Segmentation and Clustering of Soccer Players
P. Spagnolo, N. Mosca, M. Nitti and A. Distante
Evening Schedule - Thursday
7.30pmConference Dinner at Barberstown Castle