Welcome to Maynooth University Summer School in Computer Science

The Summer School in Computer Science is a three week event that has been running since 2006. It is held in the first three weeks of August. The School offers instruction in a variety of topics in Computer Science.

As well as the classes are a series of events that offer the opportunity to explore some of the famous Irish heritage locations and enjoy fun social experiences with others

Participants to the summer School arrive at Maynooth University campus on Friday 2nd of August. The following day the activities commence. The links at the top of the page give details on the various features of the Summer School:

The  School Programme details the activities for each day of the Summer School. The Module Descriptors introduce the lecture topics that will be covered in the summer school. The Group Social Activities page describes the locations of the group visits and types of activities over the last five years. Information on applying for the summer school and some photos of the accommodation are given in Accomodation and Application. An image gallery with some photos of our previous summer schools is available here: Gallery.

Further information on the Summer School is available by contacting Dr. Joe Timoney by email at jtimoney@cs.nuim.ie, or Luna Wu at the Maynooth University Beijing Office luna@nuim.cn.

 We look forward to seeing you in August!